Investment Opportunity

Love Project Films based in L.A. is an independent film production company providing film investment opportunities that allow the freelance filmmaker to have creative freedom, while offering investors a venture opportunity with returns that can endure for many years.

A film investment allows you to be part of something much bigger than just an investment. Love Project Films offers you the opportunity to be a part of the next success story that all your friends and family will be talking about. As well as high returns and a lifetime of earnings

Love Project Films has a number of opportunities where you can be part of the magic of seeing a production grow from script to completion. We invite you to contact us to discover projects in the pipeline and how you can be part of them.


As well as making a return on your investment, there are number of extra benefits which are attached to investing in film such as:

-Credits at the end of the film

-An opportunity to be involved in the production

-Meet the cast and crew

-Attend the Red Carpet premiere 

-Represent the film at International Film Festivals

-Tax Credit benefits

The benefits are subject to the particular amount invested in the project.



As with any financial investment, there is always an element of risk and it is very important that you do not invest what you cannot afford to lose. While it is not possible to guarantee the commercial success of any film project, we want the best for our investors, so we are very selective in the opportunities that we offer.



Investment Inquiry

For more details about investment opportunities in the Love Project Films,

please email us.